I’m seated on the sixth floor of my apartment complex in Hat Yai, Thailand. Outside. It’s nearly 5pm and my hunger nudges me to move from here. I know there’s something to be said; something inching its way out of my mind.

I’d like to breathe something new into this space. Redemption. Healing. Space. Liberation. Time.

Put these labels in my pocket. Let them be mine. No one gives or takes these from you; rather, you pick them up. You dust them off. You acknowledge their power, and your own.

After all this time.

It was me.



June 27, 2017

Anxiousness doesn’t taunt me from the doorway anymore

I know now how to keep her at bay

Peace settles down beside my feet

She purrs and arches her back

And in the water before me, I notice my reflection

as I whisper ever so sweetly,

I recognize you

Welcome home.