Chasing The Sun


“I’ve never known a religion that didn’t try to control people. And the only God I know is trying to set people free.” -Donald Miller

I’m doing a study with a group of girls currently by Jennie Allen entitled, “Chase”, and it focuses on the habitual desire for humans to chase. Whether that be acted on and lived out by the pursuit of money, acceptance, freedom, appearance, family, relationships, talent, intellect, power or maybe just the boy next door, the end result tends to be all the same.

Through this search, through the analysis, Allen probes the reader to dive deeper into where you find meaning in who you are and how you live.

I’m forced to be continuously reminded that the chase is a relentless escape, it includes yearning and a deep desire, but it never quite leads to fulfillment. It never brings me life. Rather, it leaves me wanting more.

The constant “chase” won’t bring you anywhere near home, if that’s where you are intending to end up.

Why then, are we so convinced otherwise?

I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to stop my chasing of the wrong until I develop an appreciation for a life that is centered around pursuing only the good.

What are you chasing? And why?



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