February 16, 2K15

What an idea. What a way to look at life. What if we were to wake up with the intention of giving life meaning, as opposed to expecting meaning to show up, or reveal itself.  What if we were persistent about taking our hopes and dreams and crafting them ourselves. What if we became a population, a generation, a civilization, that took on the task to pour into life what we expect, what we desire, what we long for… rather than becoming cynical once we realize our world won’t cultivate greatness on its own.

There is something devastating about the impulse to expect. There’s something human in it, as if we were placed here with expectation sewn into our blood streams, all the while having the responsibility to force it out of our systems, to find a way around our natural dispositions.

I’m finding the realization to be both humbling and revolutionary. To consistently and progressively be discovering the complexities of the human mind and heart, and thus being able to find just enough wiggle room needed to push the ugly, selfish, expectant parts, behind me.

I hope to cultivate an existence, a story, that never begs the question, “What is the meaning of life?” I hope to never find myself complacent in my endeavors, whether that involve my line of work or my personal relations. I hope to be persistent in my movement towards asking and living out a life that speaks the depth and passion that my every day so very much deserves. I hope to wake up every day with the single inquiry, “What am I going to do today, what am I going to say today, feel today, learn today, read today, write today, who am I going to encounter today, etc. How am I going to breathe life into every single minute of my day. How am I going to cultivate meaning…today.

I’m finding myself acutely aware of how human I am, over and over again. I am so grateful for that.

My question for you is, what are you expecting out of life? What are you complacent towards? More importantly, what are you doing, to craft such a story?

If your answer involves something along the lines of waiting or looking around, I crave for you an urge to look inwards.

I crave that you wake up daily with a question that compels you more than it drowns you, a question that accentuates the beauty that is carved into the intricacies of the human complex.

I crave that you ask more questions, and I crave that you have the courage to seek their answers.



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