Come and Gone

May 6, 2K15

I have this residual feeling of urgency when it comes to letting people back in. I’m not sure if my tendency falls on the inability to let go or the inability to refrain from welcoming the past right back to where I’m standing. I’m becoming richly aware it’s a bit of both.  For those of you who are undoubtedly wiser than me, those of you who have never used your rearview mirror and are able to look brightly into the future without ever glancing back, I commend you. Partially, I envy you, but don’t take that to heart.

For the rest of you, I welcome you with open arms, because I know you. All too well. I know what it is to move on while still holding onto unanswered questions or leftover guilt. I know what it’s like to be the member of both parties, including but not limited to: The heartbreaker and the heartbroken. To be clear, they’re both miserable. No one ever really wins.

I want to clear something up. For the sake of never making this mistake again, and for warning those who have yet to make this move. Leave your past alone.

The past has come and gone, and it’s for the better that this is so. If I have learned anything the past few years, other than a majority of Shakespeare plays and how to write and notice good non-fiction, it’s that everything in your past is better off where it is, behind you.

Nothing is better the second time. Not subway, not mashed potatoes, and surely not relationships.

People show you who they are the first time around. Believe them.



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