Mother Dearest

May 9, 2K15


There was a quote I saw the other day that read, “The mother’s heart is the child’s schoolroom,” and I couldn’t help but sit in that for a while because I cannot fathom a truer proclamation. We’re a crazy bunch, all five of us. But our family is crazy in the best sense of the word.

The greatest part about growing up and moving out and on with my life has been the transformation I have been able to watch from outside the household. While we have endured school transfers, job transfers and now the ultimate transfer of completely moving our life to Montana, our stability never seems to waver. I’m a firm believer in teamwork. Every member is needed in order for a unit to function and improve. However, on every team and in every family, there is a team captain; an individual who binds everything together.

Our greatest accomplishment as your kids has always been the days in which we are able to make you and dad proud. I know love is an incredible force because it propels me to want to be a better person even when I’m alone, when I’m isolated. The most definite influence in my life is the foundation of care we’ve been provided with since the moment we were all born. You commend us on our achievements, on our desires and our promising futures, but we sit in awe, with gratitude for teaching us how to achieve and desire and fight for better days, by being a mere symbol of an honest, fruitful life.

From our limited years thus far, we have come to find the love you have shared with us to be the solidifying rock in our family. The paradox being, the love you have given us has crafted such a solid ground, we have been able to confidently leave it. Now, as we grow and move and mature, we take with us pieces of memories and moments to look forward to. We carry shards of our past experiences intermixed with hope and love from our present ones, and continue to build our own empires, our own love stories.

We are eternally grateful for your continual love, support and belief in who we are. You bind us together, regardless of the distance between us.

Thank you for being our team captain, mom.



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