“When I find myself tempted to waste my negative words on a circumstance that doesn’t really deserve them, I pause for a minute. I take myself to that mental place where I’m rocking in a hammock, tied between two palm trees, listening to the sounds of ocean as it sloshes into shore.

And I choose my words more carefully.”

-Bob Goff

I’ve been feeling a bit empty as of late. Struck by lack of inspiration or just worn down from the mundane. For me, creativity comes either in tidal waves or drops of rain.

I don’t think we’re meant to always count on ourselves to fuel our inner drive. Desperately, I need to see and watch and hear and feed off of people who are living out  lives sustained by passion.

Take your time. We weren’t meant to move this world alone. Take a step back every now and again. Remove yourself from your work for just long enough to see the empowerment behind the magnitude of inspiration others are producing.

And then, after you’ve regained your composure, after you’ve resettled and refocused, begin again.

Fight harder. Create more.


P.S.- Here are some extraordinary people doing crazy remarkable things for this world…

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