My schedule gets in the way of my life more than I’d like to admit. It’s only when I have a completely free day, when I’m not worried about getting a paper done or when I need to show up to work, that my mind and my heart begin to communicate effectively enough to actively do the things I feel to be meaningful and transcending.

I’ve been sitting in Barnes and Noble for most of the afternoon now, reading blogs and websites from people who are moving this world, crafting and inspiring people in our communities to become much less rounded and much more sharp and creative, loving and lovable.

I read an article about a kid who walked into a church and promptly asked a question I think we all ask, daily.

“Is God going to show up?”

The article went on as I awkwardly sat in my chair in a public bookstore, attempting to hide the tears dripping from my cheeks and the grin spreading across my face. No doubt, I emulated something along the lines of a maniac watching episodes from a long lost tv show, reminiscing on the past with both nostalgia and contentment for making it through.

As I finished, I looked up and around and watched a few people pass by, glanced by the books surrounding me and finally let my eyes fall on the window and the outside parking lot beside me, conveniently focused on the rare rainfall happening here in Boise.

There are people experiencing and living out lives permeated with nothing less than beautiful moments. One after another.

I pray our lives never get crowded with the mundane. I pray we don’t allow rituals, traditions, expectations, plans and to-do lists to fill our days with productivity rather than advancement.

I don’t want to consider my days successful only when my day planner is checked off by the time I crawl into bed. I want to be silently crying in Barnes and Noble over an article written by a woman I’ve never heard of, while clinging to her every word, absorbing her life and being moved because of it. A truly successful day should involve writing a love letter of encouragement in a bookstore, and leaning it up against the mirror in the women’s bathroom. (moreloveletters.com)

My schedule gets in the way of my life more than I’d like to admit. I want to change that. I hope you have enough courage to do the same, if need be.


P.s.- Here’s the article I was sobbing over. Take a peek.


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