Talking about worthiness isn’t my favorite. Thinking about it isn’t necessarily on my list of favorite activities either. I want to pose a question.

“Are you worth it?”

More than I’d like to admit, I sense a hint of desperation when it comes to validation within me. If we’re honest, I think we can unite in the agreement of fostering and suffering from the never-ending plea for recognition, acceptance and praise. It’s intoxicating.

I’m wondering though, if this hunger for affirmation is built upon our personal answer to the question above, and the various lies we’ve conjured up in accordance to the price tag of our identities.

If no one has told you, and if you are struggling to believe it for yourself, allow me to break the ice for you. You alone are enough. Without your GPA and your six minute mile. Without your beauty and your work ethic. You’re worthy. Whatever it is for you, whatever you find your power, domination and therefore identity in, I promise you those activities will come to an end.

Your movements and achievements shape future goals and aspirations,  and your life will be busy and grander for staying determined and driven towards growth. But eventually, sooner or later than you imagine, your power will subside and your identity with crumble under the weight of time and inevitability.

I’m unsure if anyone has told you this either, but I’ll step in again and hold the reigns. It’s okay. To lose your grip. To flounder around in the wake of who you thought you were supposed to be, or what others expected you to produce.

Being human, being awake and alive and willing to wake up and move this world in whatever way you so choose, makes you more than worthy. Being kind and generous, humble and grateful, makes you more than enough.

I genuinely desire a life full of riches for you. As a community of humans, I want us all to make it to wherever our hearts are leaning towards. But if you don’t, if you fall short, if you lose everything you thought made you great…know you are wrong.

This world can take just about everything away from you, sweet soul.

Except your worth.

You alone are enough.



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