There are a million types of people in this world. We categorize and stereotype, label and blame. Our talents and habits are mere replications of who our parents and ancestors were. We settle in these terms, we welcome them in and sit comfortably within the lines we’ve created  ourselves.

I want to confess I don’t believe any of it. At the end of each day, people are made up of their mentality. You are either better than you were yesterday or not.  Our lives fall under those two categories, only.

My favorite advice is fitting for every scenario and age. It goes something like this, 

“Pay less attention to what people say. Watch what they do.”

Who you are depends on where you are standing in relation to where you started yesterday.

It’s too easy to sift through. To sit and watch. Life is as simple or as rewarding as you care to make it.

Fight for more.

Be better.



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