IT IS OKAY.  Just to be clear. If you need to hear that, as I’m sure you do, read it again. And again. Believe it. Because it’s true.

We spend a lot of our time listening. Hearing. Nodding. Taking in what everyone else has to say. People are always in one ear or the other, drowning out our own voices and clouding our decisions and judgements. I listen to conversations all day long that make me want to personally rip my toe nails off. It’s toxic. All of it.

When you get home, when you step away, when you leave a room or a building, a meeting or a day of work, when you have a long enough second to breathe and think and move, what are you telling to yourself?

What words are you using to shift you from one moment of your world to the next? If they’re not useful, if they aren’t lifting you up, improving you, making you better in some way or another, burn them. Pick them up, observe them, consider what you are giving up, and throw them as far from your heart as you can. Release.

Similarly, in the conversations you take part in, and the words you allow to spew from your mouth?  Make them purposeful. If they aren’t tasteful in the sense of encouragement, kindness, humor, or betterment… burn them.

It’s okay. To be reminded of what you deserve, and to then pass those respects along to your peers.




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