“Happy, normal lives going on in happy, normal ways, in a world that is anything but. Once you realized this, experienced something that made it crystal clear, you couldn’t forget it. Like a face. Or a name. However you first learn that truth, once it’s with you, it never really goes away.” -Sarah Dessen

I push aside a lot of harsh realities I know to be more than true. I like to pretend I never figured them out and that maybe I still have a chance to make that mistake again. Relearn it. Change it. Make sure it hasn’t altered terms.

The bittersweet part about the truth is that it isn’t ever grey or clouded. Every time it is either black or white. Right or wrong. A truth or a lie.

Lately, cobwebs from my past have crept back into my life, and I’ve been humbled to remember the ever so important lessons they have taught, and continue to teach.

Being honest with yourself is a day to day endeavor. It’s difficult and it leaves you feeling bare and vulnerable more than it aids in building you up. Unfortunately, you will spend a good amount of your time hiding from people, masking what you know and glossing over your scars until they fade into your accomplishments.

Don’t insult your own well being for this front. If anything, you deserve to get the inside scoop on what you’ve learned, what you know, what hurts and what you need.

When cobwebs find their way back into your solitude, back into your present life, use them as reminders of how far you have come. Look at them and re-tell the story, but don’t get lost in it. The story is able to be told now because it has reached a finality, a conclusion. A definite ending.

Being in relation with people is complex and simple, and that paradox will forever be the epitome of the human experience. Make it easier on yourself, tame the chaos a bit. Be honest. Let your truths shine from the mountaintops, you don’t have anything to hide.

And in regards to the cobwebs? Brush them off. They’re tacky, anyways.



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