It may be because I’m a sucker for words in general, but I believe wholeheartedly in being able to tell the heart of a person based solely on what flows from their mouth. I’m sure I can accumulate enough agreements on this. This is not a new idea. Most of us believe this to be true. Our feelings towards an individual dictate our words towards them. Which is why we speak softly to those we care about, harshly to those we are flustered with, intelligently with those we wish to impress, etc. etc..

I’m more interested in the words withheld. I want to know what compels us to hold back things we so desperately want to say, but aren’t able to because of fear or change, or both. I’m inclined to believe, as a realist and a human, that people have been telling me what I want to hear ever since I can remember. As a society, we are socialized to do this, the fault is not our own. We are to hold back, keeping conversations even and controlled. Dry. In turn, unfortunately, we are constructing relationships that take on the same shape. Safe. Mediocre.

I don’t want any of it. And I’m not convinced you do, either. Nothing worthwhile stems from safe and mediocre minds and conversations. Convictions and passions are rooted in our hearts in order for us to be bold in our desires and ideas. We were meant to disagree. And not to create indifference towards one another. Rather, to begin to understand how singular and rare we are. Relating and constructing relationships because of this.

Words are too powerful to use in moderation, and far too significant to hold back entirely.

Whatever you aren’t saying, whatever you are afraid to admit or reveal or argue or declare or murmur or shout or write….is probably what the world needs to hear.

Speak up.



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