Having the urge to write, the inclination to put into words what you are seeing and feeling, is both a blessing and a curse. Often times, I sit at an empty document with weary eyes, waiting for the sentences to flow, but restlessly watching my fingers remain still.

What gets me through, the very thing keeping me compelled and inspired to continue, is found in the select few moments when I find my groove. When my fingers hit the keyboard and my heart takes over.  I suddenly know what needs to be said and heard and read and it’s beautiful. It’s rare. But I’ll take what I can get.

Days like today, when my mind is in bits and pieces and I’m unable to grasp a stable idea from my heart, I start diving into articles and old quotes and books written by people I am, and with luck, will forever be, hungry to emulate.

I want to be consistently reminded of how glorious our world is.

Seek evidence of the chaos and the glory all around you. Sooner or later, I think you will find the brilliance of creation responsible for both.




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