I have a to-do list, a list of dreams, a five-year plan, a life plan, a college graduation plan, and a moment to moment, shoot I forgot I need more stamps or chocolate milk list.

There was an article I came across that was asking the reader whether or not they considered writing down the details of who they were working on becoming. Characteristics, mindsets, inspirations, faiths, redemptions, limitations, desires, etc.

My mind went blank for a moment and I sat in frustration and confusion while I contemplated why I’ve never once considered actively writing down how I crave to develop.

I’ve always assumed it comes naturally. Holding a degree in my right hand counts as my transformation into an intelligent human, right? Buying my first house, saving my money and starting a 401K will mold me into a person focused on stability and discipline, right? Watching enough House re-runs and Gilmore Girls will create a humorous demeanor about me, correct? Maybe?

It’s silly now, for me to think of all the accomplishments and goals I have set for myself, as they seem worthless without being accompanied by something deeper. Something else has to shift. I don’t want the prize unless I am transcended by it. Because of it.

I don’t want to stand in a room full of crossed off lists and completed ambitions unless I’m standing there with a revolutionized heart. 

I encourage you to write a list including the specifics of who you are working on becoming. The characteristics you want to live out, daily and permanently.

My list involves the type of love I ache to give and accept, as well as the people I would love to influence or be influenced by.

Whatever your list looks like, don’t build boundaries. Refrain from putting up a fence around who you are hungry to be.

Bloom, sweet soul.


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