I’m going to put this right out in the open so I can’t hide behind it anymore. My fingers are going to find their way across all the right letters, confessing a secret hidden beneath a blanket of fear and insecurity.

I have decided on the title for my book, and I feel inspired and confident enough to declare it from the rooftop. Well, let’s not go that far quite yet. For now I’ll virtually whisper it to my readers, to you. I trust you. Whether we are best friends or complete strangers, I trust your heart and your goodness. I’m relying on you to read this post and feel empowered and a moved in a way that pushes you to set your eyes on your own insecurities. Whatever it is that has your hands tied, I hope you look in the mirror and see a way out. I hope you see there’s a ribbon not a rope; a bow, not a knot. No one is stopping you from climbing your mountain. One foot in front of the other. Let’s walk together.

I’m young. I’m going to be honest and flat out when I say that because it’s true and it’s only limiting if I allow it to be. My desires fuel me. My race, my socioeconomic status, my degree, my relationship status, my friends; those parts of my life are tangible. You can write them down, take a picture of them, analyze and remember them. I want to be really clear when I say this next thing though. Those factors do not define me. 

My heart is the only weight you should be calculating. My fears and doubts perpetuate and consume me. I fight every day, like we all do, to be a master of my own inner self-destruction, to suppress it as fiercely and concretely as possible. I combat it with all the good I still see and feel and receive and give.

I pick up fear and look at it with courage. I stand in the face of vulnerability and cover it with confidence. I wear my doubt around like a pair of nikes and run full force with the steady beat of redemption ringing in my ears. My limitations are tattoos all over my arms, and as I type these words, I find myself looking down and recognizing their marks as potential; potential for a bigger story, a better one. A story people need to hear.

There is something palpable pulsing and aching beneath my skin. I have so much to say.

Awake: Desiring Less in a World Wanting More.

By:Brooke Ranieri

I’m going to be brave. I’m going to be brave. I’m going to be brave. If that’s an anthem you need to tell yourself tonight, please do. Go to sleep chanting it. Wake up a fighter.



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