Jim’s 301 class opening quick write,

Topic: Write about taking the long way around…

I can’t seem to want to move from the car. My eyes dart to the right and left of me, hunting for another turn to take, praying for a detour somewhere up ahead. Bright red and yellow leaves sprinkle the road before me as my corolla slides down the paved suburban road. Houses come into few and quickly fade while the tears dripping from my eyes prick my fingers clenching the steering wheel.

A small boy with a razor scooter and a backpack twice as big as his body crosses the road in front of me. My eyes focus on his blue JanSport bouncing up and down while I pull my Honda to a halt. His blonde wavy hair falls across his forehead, a helmet situated in his right hand, and his scooter dragging behind him in his left. I watch him travel along the sidewalk, trudging along past a few houses until he beelines across the grass of a front yard, storming into a smaller house with deep blue shutters.

He’s home.

I feel my breath fall steadily back into a rhythm. The leaves settling in front of my car blow fervently as a larger white truck speeds past me. The silence consuming the inside of my car seems familiar. Safe. My right foot finds its way back to the gas petal and slowly pushes back down, forcing acceleration and to my relief, movement.



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