I used to be convinced I put a pen to paper because it was liberating; the simple act allowed for me to release something hidden or otherwise unnoticed. I felt more alive and heard when words were forming across the page. I wanted people to know I had something to say.

As I continue on in my pursuits of becoming a writer with my life, I’m beginning to believe it’s not so much as a release that I’m experiencing, as much as it is a power. An empowerment. When I have a pencil or a computer, an empty piece of paper or an open journal, I don’t feel so small.

The world is too big for me. I get trampled by the expectations and the opportunities and the lives building and dissipating all around me. When I’m here, in this space, when my fingers are situated between the keys…my voice matters.

I encourage you to write and I will soon enough be encouraging students to write, because it  continues to keep me grounded and breathing and aching for something outside of myself. It keeps me ravenous for something more.

Happy National Day of Writing, friends.



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