What sorts of texts will you have your students read? What will they have in common? What will be the overarching question you ask your students?

How will what you do, what you read, what you say, and surely what you don’t say, probe your students further in their curiosity of who they are as a human?

How can we tip our hats to despair and triumph and pain and glory? How can we be great by by being true to who we are? What can we read as a representative for individuality and growth? How can we be a society thinking of our failures in such a way that makes us stronger?

I’m eager to wake up and learn more because I find bits and pieces of myself in everything I do, in everything I read, in everything I watch, and in everything I say. Students deserve to know this sort of development is intoxicating and difficult and by all means…necessary.

I want my students to better understand what it means to be human. I want them to bud and bloom under the weight of suffering and transformation. I want them to be better because of their abnormalities.



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