There’s a small part of me that believes I can morph and adapt my relationships according to my personal beliefs of what they should be, and what they should provide. I end up forging my own expectations, pushing and obsessing over the emotions and comforts I need someone to generate and pass on.

The purest and most terrifying part of communicating and diving into the hearts of other humans, is giving them the space and trust to be who they are. We need to allow people to be who they desire to be. Whether or not that person is the best fit for you. Whether or not you believe who they want to be is the best and most developed version. It isn’t our duty to tell people who they should be, who we ache for them to be, or even who we see them being. It’s our job to love them as they are. To accept them and embrace them in the stage they’re in.

While my emotions run rampant across the limits and boundaries of what I’m allowed to impart and what I’m required to hold back, I’m finding myself at a standstill. I don’t know how to refrain from expecting something different or better, out of myself or someone else. I don’t know how to let go of people who I care for, but I know aren’t aiding in my growth. We have to choose.



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