Ask a question. Be intentionally curious. Smile. Keep smiling. Look around you. Breathe. Learn something. Anything. Seek out good relations. Purposefully let go of one toxic person, or place, or object, or habit. Fail at something miserably. Break a bad habit. Start a good one. Set a goal. Make a plan. Write it down. Breathe. Find a new route home. Search for different ways to nourish your body and mind. Feed your soul with words. Run away. Walk home. Jump up and down five times without laughing. Laugh. Laugh alone, and laugh good and hard. Breathe. Mumble the words you’ve been holding in. Scream sentiments you’re terrified to announce. Be honest. About what you don’t want. About what you do want. Take a shower. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Eat well. Eat slowly. Drink warm tea. In a mug that fits perfectly between the grip of your two hands. Nap. Breathe. Watch the flicker of a flame. Go outside. Look up. Stand still. Close your eyes. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Fight. Hold on. Let go.

Repeat. Release. Repeat.

Be brilliant and brave and kind and by god, be raw. Be relentlessly raw.



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