I want to believe everything happens according to a divine plan. I do believe that. But secretly, on some days, I don’t. The hurt is too immense and the pain becomes debilitating. What happens when life gets too messy, too confusing and unstable? What happens when the ground you stand on is too shaky to trust? What happens when you want to sit down, when you feel safer from that vantage point? Smaller. Hidden. Safe. Less afraid.

I say: sit down. Sit down right now, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Sit. Think and process and breathe. Bring yourself to a place where you find something solid, something concrete to look at. Grasp it with both hands. Look deep into this thing, this concept, this belief, this knowledge, and begin again. Start from there. Start from what you know, and stand up.

We need more people who are willing to stand up for who they are, for what they believe in, for hope, for peace, for kindness, etc. etc. etc.

But truthfully? We need more people who are courageous enough to ask questions. More people who are curious and scared. More people able and willing to sit down in order to navigate through their confusion. More people who are bruised from their questions, but stronger because of their ferocity and commitment to scavenge for the answers they need. 

I don’t want a world full of people blindly being kind and loving and hopeful and grateful because they believe they need to be. I want a world full of humans who are eager to pass along those respects because they want to, because at the center of their very being they know they’re here for just that.

Life is a shit show. I promise you that. I rest in peace because all that crap creates a muddy picture that I’m more than excited to wipe off. All that crap creates a tangled web that I’m honored to unravel.

All the mess is pointing and nudging and guiding us towards something much bigger.

Sit down, friends.


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