Maybe we need to start trusting ourselves enough to believe in a life with more opportunity and relational wealth than we initially bargained for.

What if the real, honest, vulnerable parts of our lives are lingering around our very beings, all the while being burrowed somewhere beneath our own stubborn complex to remain rigid and stiff, complacent and apathetic.

I’m beginning to believe there’s a delicate way in which we are offered our lives, and while we are more than susceptible to bend and break beneath the harsh realities of this world, we can also endure. We can fight. We can do more than manage. We can sprout up amidst the filth of the muck.

I assure you, only because I snag a taste of it every now and again, there is an ethereal lullaby patiently tapping and tugging on your heart strings, imploring you to listen, begging you to begin again.

Trust it. Follow where it leads you.



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