2,000 years ago, God made a very clear statement to all of humanity. He wanted to be with us. He wanted our hearts back. He wanted us to remember there’s something much bigger at work within us, once we open ourselves up to the idea that we might be made for a bigger, higher, more holy, purpose; we might be as loved as they say; we might be as adored and cherished; beautifully and perfectly made in the image of our very own Creator.

It sounds cheesy, really. Fairy tale-esk, outlandish even. While I was tearing up in the middle of mass this afternoon, leaning against the wall to the left of the altar, I became consumed with an ethereal peace.

Immanuel is born, today. YOU GUYS. This power doesn’t just extend to the pages of the man-written and quite possibly mis-communicated, Bible. This power doesn’t begin once the words have been spoken from the mouths of preachers and inevitably end once we pass the last pew in the church. To be honest, the power doesn’t truly reside there at all. It’s here, in me and in you, in each one of us as when we reach out to grab it, touch it, hold it, analyze and agonize over its perplexity.

The church creates an image of mystery over the holiness of our God. It shouldn’t be so hard. He doesn’t want our altars, our curled hair and manicured nails, our church-going attitudes, our pleasantries, our nightly prayers, our donations out of guilt or obligation.

He spoke quite clearly when he sent Jesus. He wants to be with us. He’s here.



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