Writing In,


I’m not sure I ever truly understand something when it’s being introduced to me, verbally or physically. My “ah-ha” moments, one would describe, always come much later. They dribble into my life incrementally, almost choreographed it seems.

One cannot sit in understanding without first being frazzled, left behind, curious, and doubtful. I argue, you must first be all of these things. You must find yourself almost furious enough to need the movement from this realm of discomfort.

I don’t find myself displeased with my lack of understanding or current perspective until I envision how helpful it would be if I were to be situated elsewhere; until I become agitated with the scarcity of my progress, engulfed by insufficiency.

I want to be better; move, grow, develop; but i will never do these things until I have a reason to shift from where I’m standing; until the ground under me is in danger, severed.



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