I want to spend the rest of my life eagerly searching for and identifying the presence of something much bigger than my own small and temporary being.

I want to wake up and breathe in grace. I want to usher in vulnerability and spunk. I want to be made of it.

I want to know and believe that I’m not meandering around alone; that this dance isn’t being orchestrated by my heart alone.

I want to spend forever seeking. I don’t want to be found. I want to be continuously looking around and within the nooks and crannies of what makes the world and the people moving around in it click and persist.

I want to stay bemused and agitated at the human condition. I want to stay grateful for being in it together.

I want to believe pain and healing will always operate together, working only to help us develop and maintain our relationships with more compassion.

I want to believe we are here to connect more than we are here to “win” over one another. We aren’t individually wrapped prizes. We can’t be bought or traded.

I want to glance around at the see scars belonging to unfamiliar faces and say, “Hi, I see you. And, me too.”



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