“Traveler, there is no path, the path must be forged as you walk.” -Antonio Machado 

Whatever demons you’re battling today, whatever stressors you’re walking alongside, whatever doubts you’re contemplating, whatever judgements you’re wallowing in… bring them here. Set them down. Place them where we can all see.

Let’s look closer.

Let’s confront them head on. Let us battle and emerge. Let us be kicked around in the rubble of our fears and curiosities, and let it be known, we thrive on these days.

Let us welcome in the chaos.

This adventure is ours. Let’s be relentless. Fearless. Stubborn. Confident. Focused. Willing.  Bruised. Weary. Dependent. Aching. Yearning. Hungry.

Let’s admit and accept our moments of scarcity as well as our bouts of prosperity. We’re here because of both.

Whisper, sing, yell, chant: These are our stories. These are our marks to leave.

These are our voices to raise.



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