Stay humble. We are small.

Our bodies, our existence, our questions, our absurdities. I used to let this consume me, this idea that my presence is both limited and minute when compared to the galaxies and eternities before and beyond me.

Instead, I’m learning to take the small portion of life and love I’m able to create and absorb and document it. I want to do more than breathe it all in. I want to create and re-create and reminisce and sit in the murkiness of this beautiful, painful journey.

Today, I’m observing the pocket-sized bits of glory all around me and labeling them. I’m tattooing grateful on these moments. I’m bringing their smallness to the center of who I am and acknowledging their power, amidst their size.

One day, when the story of humanity is told, I’m certain these small moments will be at the forefront. The humble people. The forgotten children. The endless, overlooked efforts. The single moms. The ostracized minorities. The half-read books. The almost-made-the-cut love stories.

You and me and your neighbor and your second cousin twice removed. We are so incredibly small, and so incredibly significant to the masterful tapestry of this world.

Today, I am grateful for:

–> The little girl and her family sitting in front of me at this Java Coffee Shop. She’s telling a story, flailing her arms every which way and they are consumed with her exuberance. I’m grateful for their attentiveness.

–> The sun streaming in through the window adjacent to where I’m sitting. My left arm is warm and comfortable under the heat of the day.

–> The blank page of my black journal sitting on my table. The green pen enticing me. The stories I have to tell. The time to tell them.

–> The music finding its way through my headphones, tugging and twisting at my heartstrings, probing my creative side to keep going.

–> Another chance to keep going. Another chance to look around and see something different. Another opportunity to re-think, re-settle, re-focus, re-center.

–> Another day to create. To breathe. To run. To sit. To wonder.

–> Enough motivation to believe in the good of the world and the people in it.

–> Faith that there is something much bigger. That we are a part of something much bigger. Faith that we are noticed and known beyond our daily lives. Faith that we are important. We are seen. We are loved. We are enough.

We are small things, but the stories we are living are not. Label your small moments. Tattoo the moments you appreciate. Notice the bubbling world around you. Enter into it.

Give and take, give and take, sweet soul.



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