Can I tell you something?

From one human to the next,

I believe in you. I want the world for you. I need you to climb all the mountains of your life with all the fervor you can muster up. I need you to hope for the best. I need you to know you are magnificent and strong and brave for waking up today to take on the flames of this world.

I need you to continue fighting. I need you to know we need you to fight. All of us. We need you to keep pushing on and pushing back and moving forward because we see you. We notice you. We are cheering you on. We see you stumble and fall and crash and we see you shake off the dust. We see you get back up and march on, and as we watch, we breathe a bit easier.

We begin to consider our own strength. We begin to believe we are brave enough too. We can fall too. We can get back up again and again and again, and  we begin to hope that maybe, just maybe, there are others out there who are cheering us on. Maybe we are all on the same team. Maybe we all want one another to make it. To get to the top. To stay in the game.

From one human heart to the next, please know you are not alone. With the weight of the world on your shoulders, with the expectations surrounding you, with the stigmas suffocating you. You are not alone, sweet friend. We are here. I can’t see you. Perhaps we will never meet. I’m not sure if I will ever hear your voice, or listen to your fears or your dreams. Listen to me as I whisper, that doesn’t make them any less valid or real. I need you know: all of those parts of you are brilliant and important and the world needs you to move closer to all the things that make you human.

Lean into the world. Lean into these words. Show up for the pain and the grace and the redemption blossoming in and around the people you love. The world needs you, the world  sees you. We are watching. We are hoping and praying and waiting for you to tackle today, just like you did yesterday, and just like you will tomorrow.

We see you. We need you. We believe in you.

From one human to the next, keep going.



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