“It is very simple,” She thought. “You get up, you go, you do, you see, you put one foot in front of the other & along the way you do your very best to enjoy it.”

As humans, as members of our society, as women, as daughters, as friends—we wait and we wait and we long for someone to come around to tell us we’re doing alright. Maybe even well. One day, we could be great. We could be great. One day.


But I’m tired. I’m really, really, TIRED of the delay.

I’m here to stand as the bridge between you and the life you’re patiently waiting to be welcomed into.


My dear, 

You have always been more than alright. You’re already more than the labels you’re living under and attached to. You’re intricately woven and structured and your love is enough. Your very being in itself, is enough. Start moving, sweet soul. 

We’ve been waiting too long. We’re all sitting around looking at one another, waiting for someone to look at us, grab our hands, help us up, pat us on the back, and nudge us forward.

Nothing is getting done while we mosey around in this labyrinth our culture idolizes. It’s barrenness is deafening. Suffocating.

Sweet, sweet, sweet human, you are your own before you are this worlds. You get to decide. You get to stand up all on your own. You get to walk or run or sprint or skip. The BEAUTIFUL answer has always been: you. you. you.

And so, if you need the extra boost of encouragement, if you’d like a proverbial kick in the pants, I’m here to gladly lean down and whisper, you’re doing more than alright. We need you to get up today and get moving. We need you to look up, because in so doing, you will find that others around you will have mustered up the courage to do the same.

Day by day by day.

The answer is you.



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