“How odd is it that so much of what isn’t said, isn’t said because it is the truth.” -JmStorm

We wanted to write a book. We wanted to clear out a space big and safe enough, where we were able to document the absurd, hilarious, slightly-neurotic but captivating, questions and observations we had (and by God, still have), about the way the world looks, smells, tastes, and feels–from our place of being.

We are so incredibly young. We are so incredibly young and naive and curious. We know this, and we relish it, because it reminds us that we have something stronger boiling up and over within us; something other than decades upon decades of experience is nudging us onward toward this very vulnerable thing, this task of introspection, analyzation, and distribution.

It’s terrifying and intoxicating and all the while debilitating because it’s the very thing we know we aren’t qualified for, and in the same breath, it’s the only god-forsaken thing we feel with bone-shaking fervor, that we are here to do. To write. To speak up. To share. To question. To shed light on the darkened pathways of what is real and what is fake and where are we going and wherever we are headed is it worth it and is it safe there and do I need to bring a jacket and when will we be happy and calm and content and do I even want those things, those feelings, those places of being. Are those even places of being?

To be sure, we don’t know. Or at least, I don’t know.

Nonetheless, we are here. We are two friends with radically different perspectives, and one common goal. We are here to nit-pick the world around us until we are able to differentiate between the garbage and the truth of what it means to be present; to be a breathing, pulsing, alive human being. We’re here to unravel the multi-colored definition of what it means to live a life oozing with both joy and uncertainty.

We’re staring the complexity of this challenge in the face and forging ahead with a banner reading: We are here because we both know and don’t know what we have to give, and that is reason enough to begin.

The blank page seemed like a welcome invitation to satisfy this longing of ours, and it is our hope that throughout the following pages, there is something within you that begins to ache with a fervor we have come to know all too well. It’s our relentless desire that you are able look at this book crafted by two very young, naïve, inexperienced, flooded with passion, anxiety-stricken, but idealistic twenty-two year olds and whisper, Maybe I have something to give too.



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